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FRP doors and windows _ glass steel anchor

FRP doors and windows are made of glass fiber and its products as reinforcing materials. Unsaturated polyester resin is used as the base material. The hollow profile is produced by pultrusion process, and then the door and window frame is made by cutting and other processes, and then the tops and rubber strips are added. And hardware made of finished doors and windows. FRP doors and windows are another new type of doors and windows after wood, steel, aluminum and plastic. FRP doors and windows integrate anti-corrosion, heat preservation and energy-saving performance of other types of doors and windows. They also have their own unique properties. They are not swelled under direct sunlight. No shrinkage under climate, no need for metal reinforcement, light weight and high strength, long aging resistance, and its comprehensive performance is superior to other types of doors and windows. Because of its excellent characteristics and beautiful appearance, it is known as the "green product" of 21st century building doors and windows. . It has six characteristics: light weight, high strength, good sealing performance, energy saving and thermal insulation, good dimensional stability, good weather resistance and rich colors.


      Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, sales, equipment production and technical service of resin anchoring agent and glass steel anchor rod product. It has excellent product quality and complete service system, and won the trust and praise of new and old customers.