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Application range of composite glass fiber reinforced materials

1. Building cement structure: building foundation, prefabricated parts, garden columns, window gazebos, handrails, sculptures, fountains, etc.

2. Exposure to cement structures that require anti-icing fluids: piers, isolation railings, saline or liquid storage facilities, etc.

3. Cement structure exposed to seawater/freshwater: seaside dams, dams, riverbanks/rivers or buildings near the water's edge, floating buildings, basements, deep wells, etc. ,

4. Cement structures used in other corrosive media environments: water treatment plants, chemical plants, paper mills, petrochemical plants, liquefied gas plants, storage tanks/cooling tower foundations, chimneys, various smelters, electroplating plants, thermal power plants, Nuclear power plants, food plants, etc.

5. Applications in buildings requiring small electromagnetic interference or good wave transmission performance: aluminum/copper smelting plant, power/telephone communication equipment building, power/communication transmitting tower base, airport communication tower, hospital electromagnetic equipment room, EMR/MRI Facilities, laboratories and special military facilities.

6. Short-term reinforcement of cement structures in tunnel/drilling exploration projects.

7. Weight sensitive structure.

8. Structures that are sensitive to heat conduction.