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Limitations of fiberglass anchors

There is no systematic study on the failure mechanism of FRP bolts. The difference in material between the FRP anchor and the metal anchor makes them also have great differences in performance. Similarly, the FRP anchors of different materials and structures also have great differences in performance. There are no similarities in the conditions of the lanes. The difference in the conditions of the lanes and the performance of the FRP bolts determine the mutual selectivity between the lanes and the anchors.

There are too many factors affecting the reliability of FRP bolts. Except for the determined parameters, most of them have uncertainties. In addition, there are too many analytical methods for support reliability, but each has its own applicability and limitations. . Research on the reliability of bolt support is mostly based on steel anchors, and there is relatively little research on FRP bolts; there is a lack of literature and existing conclusions to improve the reliability of glass-steel bolt support.

FRP bolts are new and emerging composite products that replace metal anchors. The glass fiber is used as the reinforcing material, and the polyester resin is used as the base material. After being pulled by the special pultrusion machine, it is solidified by the pre-forming die at high temperature and high pressure to become a full-thread glass fiber reinforced plastic rod body. A resin anchor, a tray and a nut are used to form a FRP anchor. Mainly used for tunnel support, anchorage of surrounding rock face, anchoring of slope, support of coal mine roadway, semi-coal rock roadway and various underground engineering support, deep foundation pit anchoring.

Made of glass fiber reinforced plastic as a reinforcing material. Due to the good chemical properties of the special resin and the high strength of the glass fiber, coupled with the special manufacturing process, the FRP anchor has the performance advantages unmatched by other materials: high strength, strong tensile strength, light weight, and not easy to damage the cutting. Machine, surface anti-static, flame retardant, cutting does not produce sparks, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, durability, and good adhesion with resin anchoring agent. Because of its irreplaceable advantages, FRP anchors will certainly be used more and more in the support industry.

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