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Glass fiber reinforced plastics and application fields

A composite material made of high-strength glass fiber as a reinforcing material and synthetic resin as a matrix material and mixed with an appropriate amount of adjuvant is called glass fiber reinforced plastic (abbreviation: FRP). There are mainly "glass fiber rebar" and "basalt fiber rebar". (Φ3mm~Φ32mm)

Application range

1, can be widely used in highways, bridges, airports, terminals, stations, water conservancy projects, underground engineering and other fields

2. Suitable for corrosive environments such as sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, electrolysis tanks, manhole covers, and coastal defense projects.

3. Suitable for military engineering, confidential engineering, special engineering, etc.

success case

Our products have been successfully applied to China Shitai Expressway, Gansu Lanzhou Earthquake Monitoring Station, Beijing Metro Line 4, Guangfo Metro, Shanghai Fuxing East Road Tunnel, Shanghai Yishan Light Rail Station, domestic large-scale electrolysis tank factory and municipal engineering manhole cover. At the same time, it is also exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Northeast Asia and other international markets.


High tensile strength: tensile strength is better than ordinary steel, 20% higher than steel of the same specification, and good fatigue resistance;

Light weight: only 1/4 of the same volume of steel; density between 1.5-1.9 (g/cm3).

Strong corrosion resistance: Corrosion resistance of chemicals such as acid and alkali is resistant to corrosion by chloride ions and low pH solutions, especially for carbon compounds and chlorine compounds;

Strong material bonding: the coefficient of thermal expansion is closer to cement than steel, so FRP reinforced materials and concrete have stronger grip strength;

Highly designable: stable modulus of elasticity. The dimensional stability is stable under thermal stress, and the shape such as bending can be arbitrarily thermoformed; the safety performance is good, the heat is not conductive, the conductive is not conductive, the flame retardant is antistatic, and the spark is not generated by the collision of the formula;

Strong magnetic permeability: FRP is a non-magnetic material that does not require demagnetization in non-magnetic or electromagnetic concrete components;

Convenient construction: Standard and non-standard parts of different cross sections and lengths can be produced according to user requirements. Non-metallic tensioning belts can be bundled on site for easy operation.