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What should be paid attention to in the design and construction of glass fiber reinforced retaining structure

1 Glass fiber ribs and steel bars are tied and tied, and sufficient lap length must be ensured in accordance with relevant regulations to ensure project safety.

2 This construction method needs to be applied together with the extension of the main body of the shield well when the shield is started, and the effect is obvious.

3 When the shield machine is configured with a soft-knife cutter based on a scraper, it is not advisable to use the tool to directly cut the envelope structure.

4 When using the mud-water shield to directly cut the glass fiber ribs, the slurry pump should be flushed in a timely and regular reverse circulation to prevent the debris of the excavated glass fiber ribs from floating above the mud and accumulating at the outlet of the slurry pump to block the slurry pump.

5 In the process of excavation, it is necessary to control the excavation parameters: cutter speed, cutter torque, and tool penetration, to ensure tool safety.