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Advantages and development of glass steel anchors

Since the FRP anchor is a composite material, its performance is very wide, so its market development prospects are very broad. According to relevant statistics, the types of FRP products developed by countries around the world have reached about 40,000. Although all countries have different development directions according to their own economic development, they have basically involved various industrial sectors. After more than 40 years of development, China's FRP industry has also achieved successful application in various fields of the national economy and played an important role in economic construction.

Advantages of FRP anchors:

(1) FRP bolts are light and high: the relative quality of FRP is only 1.5-2.0, but the strength can be close to the level of steel. The support strength of FRP bolts is close to the support strength of steel bolts, and its weight is only the same specification. About 1/5 of the steel anchor.

(2) FRP bolts are easy to cut and do not produce sparks. FRP is a non-metallic material that is easy to cut and does not generate sparks. It is especially suitable for “comprehensive mining” operations. The utility model not only ensures the safety of the underground operation, but also solves the anchoring and supporting function of the mine, can greatly improve the coal mining efficiency, can greatly reduce the damage of the coal cutter pick and reduce the production cost. In addition, the FRP bolts are transported into the bin along with the coal after cutting, which avoids damage to the equipment by the scrap bolts.

At present, the quality of FRP anchor rods produced in China has been greatly improved compared with the previous chanting, which can meet the support needs of most mining roadways. Although the application range of FRP anchors has been greatly expanded, the application of the anchors in coal mines is still limited to the support of mining roadways with short service years.