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The role and advantages of mining rebar anchors

The performance of mining rebar anchors has reached the international advanced level, with reasonable structure, full length of bolts and other strengths, which is 40% higher than that of bolts of the same specification; the bolt range is expanded, and the anchors can be extended and lengthened. Anchor and full anchor; easy to operate, low price, etc., widely used in coal mine, railway, hydropower and other engineering roadway support. Left-handed and right-handed anchors are the most basic components of roadway support in contemporary coal mines. They bind the surrounding rocks of the roadway together and support the surrounding rock itself. Now the bolts are used not only for mines but also for engineering. In the technology, the slope, tunnel and dam are actively reinforced. As a tensile member deep into the stratum, the anchor is connected to the engineering structure at one end and deep into the stratum at the other end. The whole anchor is divided into a free section and an anchoring section. The free section refers to the tension at the anchor head to the anchor. The function of the area is to apply prestressing to the anchor; the anchoring section refers to the area where the cement paste bonds the prestressing tendon to the soil layer, and its function is to increase the bonding friction between the anchor and the soil layer and increase the anchoring. The pressure of the body transmits the tension of the free section to the depth of the soil.