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High-strength glass fiber has gradually become a hot spot in the composite industry

In recent years, with the increasing emphasis on energy crisis and environmental protection in the world, high-strength and high-modulus glass fiber has emerged, and it has become a composite material with its excellent mechanical properties, relatively small specific gravity, and suitable production cost. Hot spots and focus of industry research and development.

According to Han Lixiong, a professor at the School of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering at China University of Geosciences, high-strength and high-modulus fiberglass can be traced back to the S-glass fiber that was introduced in 1968. It was developed to meet the military needs of the time, such as Japan's "T. "Fiber, Russia's "BMII" fiber, France's "R" fiber and China's "HS" series fiber. Compared with traditional E glass fiber, high strength and high modulus glass fiber has obvious advantages in tensile strength, elastic modulus, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and dielectric properties. Moreover, the new generation of high-strength and high-modulus glass fibers is significantly less difficult to form than the high molding temperature of S glass fibers.

It is reported that high-strength and high-modulus fiberglass is increasingly used in aerospace and defense military fields. Whether it is a civilian passenger aircraft or a military aircraft, glass fiber composite materials, such as inner and outer ailerons, rudders, radomes, auxiliary fuel tanks and spoilers, are also used on a large scale, as well as roof panels, trunks, and various instrument panels in the passenger cabin. Air fuselage, cover, etc., which effectively reduces the weight of the aircraft, increases commercial loads, and saves energy. High-strength and high-modulus glass fiber is an ideal material for absorbing energy due to its high specific strength, high elongation at break and good impact resistance. It can be laminated with phenolic resin to form a laminate for various military or civilian purposes. Bulletproof suits, bulletproof armor, various wheeled light armored vehicles (such as "Puma"), naval vessels, torpedoes, mines, rockets, etc.

Zeng Qingwen of Chongqing International Composites Co., Ltd. said that the global energy shortage and the lightweight of vehicles have become hotspots in the research of automobiles, rail transit and other industries. Glass fiber composite materials are not only used for interior parts of passenger cars, including ceilings and floors. Utilizing the high temperature performance of high-strength and high-modulus glass fiber, it can also be used as a gasket for automobile engine casings, silencers, and catalytic reactors. "China's passenger car system began to promote its application. Qingdao Kangping, Luomeiweiao, Hebei Zhuyu special company have equipped dozens of FRP products for domestic rail transit and exported in batches."

High-strength and high-modulus glass fiber can also be directly used to wind various high-pressure gas cylinders (medical, coal, fire, sports) and ultra-long span grids, and the longitudinal ribs can be very spaced. “High-strength flame-retardant low-smoke grille products produced by domestic Suzhou Greet, Jiashan Sanfang Power, Nantong Zhongge and other enterprises have passed the US Coast Guard test, and are urgent in offshore oil platforms, pedestrian passages, ship decks, subways, coal mines, etc. Escape channels or survival places have been widely used. According to Zhao Honghan, deputy secretary-general of China Unsaturated Polyester Resin Industry Association, high-strength and high-modulus glass fiber and vinyl ester resin can be produced by pultrusion process. Its density is only 1/4 of that of steel, and the tensile strength is twice that of steel. It is corrosion-resistant, non-conductive, non-conductive, non-shielded, and energy-avoiding. It can be prefabricated into standard curved shape and other shapes, and is heat-conducting. The expansion coefficient is closer to cement than steel, and it is an ideal substitute for steel in cement structures in seawater, fresh water, corrosive media and other environments.

Zeng Qingwen said that due to the very harsh working conditions of the sucker rod of the oil extractor, the ordinary steel sucker rod has become a weak link in the oil well pumping system. The FRP sucker rod is excellent in light weight, good elasticity and corrosion resistance. Achieve energy saving, reduce equipment investment, reduce operating costs and increase production capacity. The traditional commutator reinforcement ring is mostly a metal ring, which has low strength (only 400 MPa) and can not be insulated. The reinforcing ring produced by high-strength glass fiber not only has good insulation performance, but also has a strength of 800-1200 MPa, which is a steel ring. 2 to 3 times, it can ensure that the rotor shaft generates strong centrifugal force under high-speed operation and plays a fixed role on the enameled wire.

In the field of environmental protection, high-strength and high-modulus glass fiber can be directly used for desulfurization, smoke elimination, dust removal, and corrosion-resistant equipment, devices and structures in industrial furnace exhaust gas. For example, filter bags for dust removal and purification in the fields of carbon black, cement, metallurgy and thermal industries, and incineration flue gas, coal-fired flue gas desulfurization devices and supporting pipelines. The high-strength and high-modulus glass fiber can also be used as a catalyst carrier material, and is supported by a catalyst such as WO3 for use in a gas such as automobile exhaust gas or industrial exhaust gas to remove nitrogen oxides.

In recent years, the domestic booming yacht industry has also driven the development of the glass fiber industry. Zhao Honghan revealed that high-strength and high-modulus glass fiber can be used as fiber reinforcement for snow and surfboards, yachts, sailboats and other onshore and aquatic items. It can also be used to make mountain bikes, fishing rods, hockey sticks, baseball and softball bats. , net / badminton rackets, games / kayaks, golf clubs, poles, skis, etc. Selected from China Quality News