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Industry Analysis Report Carbon Fiber - "Black Gold"

Carbon fiber has excellent performance, technical difficulty and high industrial chain added value. Carbon fiber is widely used in the fields of national defense, transportation, wind power, sports and civil engineering, and is known as “black gold”. The production process is complicated, and the key steps such as spinning equipment, pre-oxidation furnace, carbonization furnace, graphitization furnace and composite material forming equipment are technically difficult, and the added value of the industrial chain is extremely high: the price of the same variety from the original silk 40 yuan/kg, It is about 8,000 yuan/kg to aviation composites, with an added value of up to 200 times.


With the development of the market scale of the industrial chain of 100 billion yuan, China will become a new growth pole. In 2015, the carbon fiber composites market reached US$29 billion, exceeding RMB100 billion. With an increase of 20% in the aerospace industry, 15% in automobiles and 10% in other fields, the annual compound growth rate of the industry chain will reach 16%. The total industrial chain is expected to exceed 60 billion US dollars in 2020. China accounted for 18.6% of the global market share in 2015, corresponding to the industry chain of 5.41 billion US dollars. On the one hand, the lightening trend of domestic new energy vehicles and commercial aircraft promotes industrial development; on the other hand, policies such as “Made in China 2025” continue to increase. It is estimated that the Chinese market will achieve a compound annual growth rate of nearly 19%. In 2020, it will reach a market scale of US$12.8 billion, and the demand for carbon fiber will reach 26,000 tons, becoming a new growth pole.


The core equipment manufacturing company is the leader of the domestic industrial chain. The carbon fiber industry chain has a very high added value, and the integrated production line that runs through the production of raw silk to carbon fiber to composite design can maximize the profitability of the enterprise. China's carbon fiber industry started late, and core technologies and equipment have long been monopolized by Japanese and American companies. In particular, there is no independent production line for high-quality carbon fiber in China, which has severely squeezed the profit margins of domestic enterprises.


Therefore, companies that break through technical barriers and have core equipment in the industrial chain, especially carbon fiber production equipment, will become the vanguard of the rapid development of the domestic carbon fiber industry chain.


Among the listed companies in the domestic carbon fiber industry, Chujiang New Materials (002171) subsidiary Dingli Technology is a leading thermal equipment leader in China. Its 2600°C ultra-high temperature super-large vacuum graphitization furnace breaks the monopoly of international technology and fills the domestic blank. It has become the sole supplier of thermal equipment for ultra-large size carbon fiber composite materials with a diameter of more than 30 cubic meters.


Other companies, such as Kang Dexin (002450) (the whole industry chain layout of carbon fiber design to production for new energy vehicles), Blonde Technology (600143) (a leader in cost-effective carbon fiber thermoplastic composites), Jinggong Technology (002006) ( Haiyuan Machinery (002529), one of the world's leading manufacturers of rapid carbon fiber composite carbon fiber materials, is also a relatively good company in the domestic carbon fiber industry.