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What is a rebar anchor?

Right-handed equal-strength threaded steel resin anchor, anchor, right-handed anchor, equal-strength threaded steel anchor, left-handed anchor

Shandong Sforford Industrial Co., Ltd. Product introduction and other strong threaded steel bolts Description: High-strength anchor material adopts elongation of not less than 15%, yield strength of not less than 335MPa, breaking strength of not less than 490MPa, material of 20MnSi The heat is made up, the pressure resistance is 20 tons to 50 tons, the straightness tolerance of the rods of Φ18 to Φ22 is ≤2mm/m, and the linear tolerance of the rod of Φ16 is less than 4mm/m. The bearing capacity of the tail of the rod is not less than 75% of the breaking force of the base metal. The technical characteristics of the same strong threaded steel bolt: the anchor rod body can achieve a good match with the diameter of the anchor hole and the diameter of the resin, and has strong anchoring force. High elongation, safe and reliable, high quality, low consumption, easy to use and so on. Technical parameters such as strong threaded steel bolt material HRB335 Strength specification Yield strength (MPa) Tensile strength (MPa) Elongation (%) Breaking load (KN/M) Theoretical mass (KG/M) Φ16 ≥ 335 ≥ 490 ≥ 16 ≥ 100 1.58 Φ18 ≥ 335 ≥ 490 ≥ 16 ≥ 126 2.00 Φ20 ≥ 335 ≥ 490 ≥ 16 ≥ 156 2.47 Φ22 ≥ 335 ≥ 490 ≥ 16 ≥ 189 2.98 Applicable conditions for strong rebar anchors l. Determine bolt hole position according to design requirements Use a chisel, bolt drill or coal drill to drill the eye, the depth is 80-100mm shorter than the length of the bolt. 2. Use a pressure air tube to extend into the fundus and blow the rock powder in the hole by compressing the air. 3. The diameter of the drill hole is 6-12 mm larger than the diameter of the bolt. 4. Use the anchor rod to feed the medicine roll into the fundus, start the stirring device to stir, and strictly control the mixing time according to the requirements of the resin anchor fixing agent. 5. After the curing time is reached, put on the tray and tighten the nut.